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We are Two Ladies Cleaning, LC! We have been cleaning homes in West St. Louis County, South St. Louis County, Northern Jefferson County, and surrounding areas since 2007!  Simply put, our House Cleaners perform a complete cleaning package on every cleaning visit. We never perform rotating house cleaning services. We will never charge by the hour, we always provide upfront fixed pricing. Choose from one of our 3 popular residential cleaning packages or allow us to design a custom package based on your specific needs. We are bonded and carry both liability and worker's compensation insurance. Our work is guaranteed. Satisfaction is priority. If ever you are dissatisfied with any of the services that we have provided, just let us know and we will return to clean your home again. Choose between our provided traditional cleaning products or our provided "green" cleaning products. We supply our cleaners with vacuums that include HEPA filters and are allergy and asthma friendly. If you have any cleaning products that you prefer just let us know. We honor most special requests

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Our research revealed that it was difficult to find a competent house cleaning service providing a thorough house cleaning visit at affordable pricing.  Several residential cleaning companies claimed to offer adequate house cleaning services, but later we discovered that many were performing services commonly referred to as "detail rotation cleaning" or "rotating services".  These companies are rotating a thorough cleaning in only 1 small section of the home on each cleaning visit, while only lightly cleaning the balance of the home.  This of course will mean that most of the home will remain dirty for up to 4 cleaning visits!  Several companies were even rotating staff in hope that areas that were skipped by a previous cleaning team would finally receive attention.  A few companies cleaned for a fixed amount of time leaving a job incomplete.  Some customers even resorted to hiring individuals who are not recognized by federal and local governments as legitimate businesses.  Of course this passes the tax and insurance liability onto the consumer.  Customers demanded change!

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